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from the 11/06/2020 to the 11/06/2020 (...)
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from the 11/06/2020 to the 11/06/2020
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from the 27/08/2020 to the 27/08/2020
from the 10/09/2020 to the 10/09/2020
from the 24/09/2020 to the 24/09/2020

Walk with a wine producer in the vineyards. Visit of the cave and possibility of tasting wines with specialities of the region (explanations about how you can mix the wines with those specialities)

from the 13/06/2020 to the 13/06/2020 (...)
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from the 13/06/2020 to the 13/06/2020
from the 27/06/2020 to the 27/06/2020
from the 11/07/2020 to the 11/07/2020
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from the 12/09/2020 to the 12/09/2020

Along a stroll in the vineyard and a wine tasting in the cellar, learn more about biodiversity . Biodiversity is essential to get healthy and organic grapes, and therefore produce a well-balanced wine. In French only.