Route des Vins Alsace
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4 rue de l'Ecole
67310 Traenheim
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Traenheim is a charming little village of 500 people owing its fame to its vines, which produce the grapes for excellent Grand Cru wines. The exceptional quality of these wines derives from the distinctive sub-soils of the Altenberg and the microclimate which gives it decidedly more hours of sun per year than the Alsace average. You can sample these excellent wines in numerous wine cellars, and a vineyard trail provides an opportunity to see something of the work of the grower. As well as being good vintners, the farmers of TRAENHEIM also produce numerous different kinds of fruit. But TRAENHEIM has other assets as well. Two industrial companies there are thriving. A youth centre offers tennis and other activities. If you enjoy immersing yourself in the past, take a look at the church with its XIIth century Romanesque tower and the nearby Merovingian sarcophagus. Recent excavations have shown that there are still major remains in the village indicative of a Jewish settlement. This is borne out by inscriptions in Hebrew on the partition wall of a family home. The village has a butcher, a baker who parks in the village centre from 8.20 to 9.15 every morning, a shop selling gifts and electrical household items and a fruit farm.

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4 rue de l'Ecole
67310 Traenheim

Tél : 03 88 50 38 59
Fax : 03 88 50 32 82
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Location: Piedmont (vineyards)

Altitude (m): 200

Accessibility: By bus