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The Vieil Armand slopes

22 rue du Ballon
68700 Uffholtz
Syndicat viticole de Cernay et environs
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On the grounds of the town of Cernay and the surrounding villages, Steinbach, Uffholtz and Wattwiller, lies a 150 ha Alsace Origin Protected Designation vineyard, which has been exploited for over 1200 years. Located at the very bottom of the Hartmannswillerkopf, under the Vosges hills, its soil faces east and south and produces very delicate wines, especially Pinot Noir, Gewurtzraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling. Even though it was entirely destroyed during WWI, the determined wine growers of this high quality vineyard have managed to revive the plantation and the production. Two wine paths: one in Steinbach and a second one in Uffholtz-Wattwiller will allow you to discover the slopes of this sector.

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Catering on spot: Yes

Package visits offered: Free visit, Guided tour for groups with reservation

Animals accepted: Yes

Equipment required: Walking shoes

22 rue du Ballon
Salle Saint Urbain
68700 Uffholtz

Tél : 06 72 79 47 50
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Location: Mountain, Piedmont (vineyards), Panoramic view

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche: 3

Altitude (m): 291

from the 01/01/2020 to the 31/12/2020

Opening hours: Accessible year-round

Period of validity

from the 01/01/2020 to the 31/12/2020