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Castle "Saint-Ulrich"

68150 Ribeauville
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Saint-Ulrich, one of the three remains overlooking Ribeauvillé, is undeniably one of the most exciting castle sites in Upper Alsace. It used to control the strategic route linking the Alsatian Plain to the high valley of Lièpvre. The castle bore witness to the power of the lords of Ribeaupierre and was their main residence until it was finally abandoned in the 16th century. It thus features a variety of architectural styles: Gothic and even Renaissance elements adjoin Romanesque characteristics.

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Package visits offered: Free visit

Animals accepted: Yes

68150 Ribeauville

Tél : 03 89 73 23 23

Location: Isolated, Mountain, Piedmont (vineyards), Panoramic view

Opening hours: Accès libre

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