Route des Vins Alsace
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Mairie de Mutzig
67190 Mutzig
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The town occupies a strategic position at the entrance to the Bruche Valley. The Lower Gate or Untertor (14th century) is the most important vestige of the mediaeval fortifications. The Rohan castle (18th century) was to be one of the residences of the four Cardinals of Rohan. It houses an armaments museum. The Town Hall (1746), in the Classical style, is surmounted by a curious onion tower with a Jack o’ the clock timepiece. The synagogue (1787) is the oldest one in Alsace.German architecture is represented by the imposing Kaiser Wilhelm II Fort (1893-1916).

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Catering on spot: Yes

67190 Mutzig

Altitude (m): 190

Accessibility: By train

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