Route des Vins Alsace
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Mairie d'Avolsheim
67120 Avolsheim
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One of the oldest churches in Alsace, the Dompeter, whose foundations date from the 8th century, rises up from the middle of the fields. In the heart of the village, Saint Ulrich’s chapel, the so called baptistery, displays its original architectural style in the form of a four-leafed clover. Frescoes from the 12th century adorn the interior of the building. The small and large sluice gates or the « Avolsheim weir », an engineering structure on the Bruche Canal constructed in 1682 on Vauban’s orders, was used to supply the canal with water from the Bruche as the flow rate from the Mossig was insufficient, particularly in summer.

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Catering on spot: Yes

67120 Avolsheim

Altitude (m): 168

Accessibility: By bus

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